Air quality testing

What is air quality testing?
Air quality testing is exactly what it sounds like, healthy air is essential for a healthy home and we offer all the services you will need to get your home free from mold and other harmful particles so you can have a peaceful time. We check for particles of certain harmful substances like carbon dioxide, ozone, dust/fungi and toxic vapors. Air testing helps us to know the type of mold particle present and their spore levels which help in further removal.

How our test works:
We start off by taking air samples of the affected areas and some samples of the air outside. These samples are then taken to the labs for testing and collecting accurate results. Once the tests are done you will know the mold spore level and the type of mold in your house which will then help out professionals to finish the mold.
mold levels are safe
How do you know what mold levels are safe?
Is the level of mold in your house matches the level of mold outside, then you’re safe. But if it is higher inside then you need to take immediate action towards it. Some people are extra sensitive need lower levels.

Why every home needs an air quality check:
We often cannot figure out if our air is safe and mold-free, which is dangerous for your family and people visiting you. With our quality air check, you can be carefree and have a brief look at all the dangerous particles which may be present in your house. Lab test provides you with accurate data and spore levels. Some molds are toxic and some are not, the toxic ones are called mycotoxins. People who have allergies or are sensitive can be affected faster. Some common household molds include Alternaria, Cladosporium, aspergillus and Penicillium. The most dangerous mold is the Stachybotrys also called as the “black mold”. In Order to know which kind of dangerous mold is present, you need to get a professional air check done, like the one we do. Molds get into our house through windows, ventilation, doors and people! Even hair and clothes can carry such particles which come to the conclusion that you cannot control the entry of molds in your house and you need an air check as soon as possible.
Some symptoms can be useful if you want to get an idea of the possible problems that are coming your way. Allergic reactions, itchy eyes, and skin and respiratory and breathing problems can be an alert sign for you! If you feel like you are affected by this then you need to see a doctor first and get yourself treated, next contact a restoration company to come and inspect the air in your house.
So many questions and so much to answer! But no matter what your confusion is Air quality testing is always available to help you with whatever problem you are facing regarding this issue. Contact us now at Air quality testing to get your house inspected and pollution/mold free.

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